Understanding Custom Gang Sheets

Understanding Custom Gang Sheets

Gang sheets is a term often used in the printing industry. This term is used on newspapers, magazines and similar printed materials. It is also a sheet of paper or film that covers multiple pages and images. DTF transfer is the most preferred in the production of this print. Direct-to-film, a digital printing method, is a special preference for custom gang sheet.

Gang Sheet and Custom Transfer

Gang sheets are a printing product produced with the use of most DTF transfers. This printing element is used especially when making personalized full color garments. Gang sheets are applied with heat transfer on items such as clothes, hats and bags. Since it is a special printing element, it is not suitable for every concept. This type of printing, which uses logos and patterns, can be applied on a single transfer paper.

Gang sheets are used in many textile materials. It is especially preferred for t-shirts, jerseys and sweatshirts. It can also be used for sports teams and promotional products. Gang sheets also appeal to craftspeople who want to create their own brand and accessories.

Tips for DTF Gang Sheets?

It is possible to mention some tips for DTF gang sheets. To ensure efficiency in this printing, it is necessary to be able to use design software like Corel Draw or Ai. At this point, you can organize the design on a single page. 

Washing Instructions for Custom Gang Sheet

The washing instructions for the custom gang sheet included in DTF printing are simple. This requires washing in cold water. It is also not recommended to put the print in the dryer to avoid damaging it. If the dryer is used, the temperature should be set to low. For washing instructions, you can refer to the DTF transfer. When these instructions are followed, gang sheets products can be used for a long time.

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