What is Direct to Film Printing?

What is Direct to Film Printing?

Direct to film, commonly known as DTF, is a process in which a graphic printed onto a piece of film with various colored inks is applied to an apparel item. This pre-printed film is binded to the garment through heat and pressure from a heat-press machine.


DTF printing starts with the film being made on a DTF printer. This printer uses a thick PET film that ensures for better transferring characteristics. The ink used for these printers are in the typical CMYK (cyan, Magenta, Yellow & Black) pigment but also has the addition of white ink. The white ink plays a significant role in the creation of the DTF film as it is the foundation that the colored pigments get placed on.

We use an in-house heat press machine to adhere these films to the garments. Each garment type will require a different variation of temperature, time, and pressure to ensure the DTF film is properly applied. After pressed onto the item, a clear backing can be peeled off of the film to complete the process!


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